The SCAR website is back.

They thought all they had to do was promise us traffic reduction, home zones, joined up public transport etc and we would quietly go away. Well we didn't and now we want action and not broken promises. Yes after a bit of an absence our website is up again, albeit out of date. Clearly to reflect to-days situation along the South Coast, it's urgent that we gather information quickly and update the site. 

This letter posted on the web and mailed to supporters homes, is to encourage as many as possible to get involved. This site is for you to use, think of it as a roads / transport activists community resource. If you've got an issue in your area (South Coast, but exceptions can be made) let us know. Please write, e-mail, or if you're able, design a web page.

Clearly Hastings is still top of the agenda, but Arundel is waiting in the wings, then there's Worthing, Chichester……. stop it's to depressing, anyone got any funny bits?

Linked to this page, if you're reading it on the web, is the SCAR home page if you click here. 

Finally please note our new address and update your address book. Details at the top of the page. The old details won't find us.  

Best wishes

from the SCAR team.