Bye pass or wot?

On either side the river lie
Fields full of flowers and butterflies
where rabbits run and pigeons fly
which, to the motorist passing by
Means not a lot

This sacred place, this holy land
this ancient city with castle grand
What can the motorist understand
In his old tin pot?

These wonderful woods and shady ways
The winter snows and summer haze
Sussex in all its ways and days........
Spiteful, fat and hot

Replete with McDonalds greasy fare
He looks out with a baleful stare
In his 4 by 4 and full of care
He's lost the plot!

He's got his roads, he's lost his mind;
secluded pathways still unwind 
But joy has left this motorist behind
And what's he got?

Motorway on motorway
Piling up day after day
Alistair Darling, send him away
To some concrete planet where he can play
So that in peace and pleasure I can stay
in many-towered Camelot

In this England, this Sussex that I love
with the downs beneath and the sky above
with footpaths where I may safely rove
I've got the lot!

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