A24 Action Group Formed


SCAR is please to announce that a newly formed action group called the 'A24 Alliance' is the latest in the ever lengthening number of local groups formed to fight the threat of road building.

In this case local residents have become seriously concerned by the massive road building plans for the A24 from Worthing to Capel (nr Dorking).

Said group spokesperson Gillian Hurst: "We have been forced into taking this step due to the dismissive attitude of West Sussex County Council and their consultants. We are as concerned as they are by the number of fatal crashes on this road, where we differ is in the way the road should be made safe. We think it ridiculous to suggest that building flyovers and speeding up journey times will cut crashes, as suggested by the consultants. All that those proposals will do is attract more traffic - going faster - onto the road. If safety were the objective, measures to enforce a reduction in the inappropriate speed seen on this road would be more effective, and save the Tax payer millions."

Concluding Gillian Hurst added: "No, clearly the A24 is being groomed to become a main corridor in the in the roads infrastructure, providing motorway speeds and volumes of traffic from the A27 to the M25. What ever happened to Parliament's Road Traffic Reduction Act ?"


A series of public meetings organised by the A24 Alliance is being held at various venues along the length of the A24. For details of the next venue please click here.


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